A specialist platform, an extension of your team.  


Are your clients & prospects…

  • Aware through PR, targeted ads and marketing?

  • Informed through bots, videos and FAQs?

  • Qualified through bots, tasks, AI and API checks?

  • Instructing you online through digital signature?

  • Using online forms to work with you and provide documents?

  • Reminded by SMS & email?

  • Updated regularly en masse and individually? 

  • Data merged, forms generated and exported?

  • Semi or fully-automatically processed?



Are your legal team…

  • Spending hours assessing claim viability with potential clients?

  • Answering the same client questions every day on the phone?

  • Sending information to clients and never knowing if it’s been read?

  • Waiting days for information / signature packs to be sent back?

  • Copying information from emails and paper forms into case management tools?

  • Manually reviewing all disclosure information and evidence? 

  • Chasing clients when are too busy to reply, or are at work?